Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I switched houses… I am now living in an apartment with the President of Rotary. She is in her mid 70s and is such a sweet lady. There is no washer machine so I am learning how to hand wash clothes. But, this is a good thing for me… I was so used to being spoiled… I did not have to make my bed or wash my clothes. Now, I am doing everything… there is no maid here. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, I will do my own laundry when I get home because living in this new house has already given me a reality check. There also isn’t wifi in my house… which is sad because I cannot use my ipod or skype. But, I plan on visiting my friend a lot since she has wifi in her house.

Carnival was this past weekend… I went with some of my swim friends. People spray that foam snow that is in a can and they throw talcum powder. They both hurt so bad when they get in your eyes. This guy used a WHOLE CAN of the foam on me. I had such a great time… stuff like that would NEVER happen back home!

A few weeks ago I went to "Salinas Grandes" ... the salt mine in Jujuy! It was full of water so it reflected like a mirror!

-Arianna said that when she says she is from Pennsylvania… people think it is Transylvania where the vampires are at… this made me laugh because people in Argentina think the same thing.

-everything is so relaxed here… I regret going home to the fast-passed, “I don’t have time for anything” type of life

I hope that they have wonderful birthdays… they are the women that have made me who I am today…They are the strongest women I know and will forever be my role models!

Monday, February 21, 2011


In January, I spent 11 nights in beautiful Brazil...
I can honestly say that I had the time of my life. I learned to understand Portuguese... I drank juice from sugarcanes and coconuts… we found a starfish in the ocean… we saw a crab that was ready to fight… we were able to exercise on the beach, for free, with the red equipment seen in the photos… we saw guys that were able to spray-paint and finger-paint masterpieces in less than 5 minutes! I enjoyed the numerous vendors on the beach selling food, jewelry, clothes and blankets. I went kayaking and my brothers kept falling out of their kayaks... it was very funny. I was a pro and I never fell out! On the beach, the guys play soccer and use 2 coconuts as boundaries for a goal box. I thank my host family for taking me with them.. They make sure that I had an enjoyable experience. The apartment we stayed at was very comfortable and classy. How could I forget to mention… it took us 3 days to get to Brasil and 2 days back… that was quite a bit of time with 6 people all jammed in one vehicle but I made memories that I will never forget!

As of the beginning of February, I am living in a different family. They have 3 daughters but they are all studying at the university so they don’t live at home. I love my new house and family… I am adjusting quite well. Unfortunately, they are leaving for a vacation without daughters… so at the beginning of March, I have to switch families… but I do believe when they come home from vacation, I am returning to their house.

This weekend, I have a swim meet in another province… I am looking forward to it because I will have some quality bonding time with my teammates. School is going to be starting up again in a few weeks. Summer vacation has gone by too fast.

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