Monday, February 21, 2011

puerto iguazú photossss

So on my way to Brasil, I passed through Puerto Iguazu and viewed the Cataratas! The falls were absolutely beautiful... I had to put my camera in a plastic bag while taking photos because there was so much mist from the "Devil's Throat" fall... I saw these animals called coatis... I was so close to a few of them... A kid even stuck his hand out to see if it would come closer. Then, I read a sign warning people how they bite! I also saw so many types of butterflies. Unforunatly, I was only able to get a picture of two... so lovely, I have never seen butterflies like that in my life. The truck full of leaves... those are the leaves for the yerba for mate... mate is what people here drink... its leaves with hot water and usually with sugar. I bought a mate container and a straw to bring back.... hopefully, I am able to bring some yerba home to share as well.

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  1. Hello Carley!
    My name is Anders and I found your blog through Google.

    Very nice nature photos and nice animals!
    I hope you have a nice trip !