Friday, December 10, 2010

CENA BLANCA... bellybutton... gift

So we dyed Kirsten’s hair and you couldn’t even tell the difference! My red is slowly fading out and the sun seems to be changing it also. I am actually starting to like it.

Tuesday, I had “Cena Blanca” which translates to white dinner. It was definitely a bad idea to lay out in the sun before because my chest got burnt! I had no clue how I was going to do my hair either. The hairdresser did not have an opening. So at about 5pm, my friend, Leii, said she would come help me. My sweet host mom gave me this appliance that blew hot hair and you attached a comb, brush or curler to it. I tried to curl my hair with it but it wasn’t working. I was happy that my friend was going to bring her curling iron. Finally at 6:45 she got at my house with a pretty angry, mean taxi driver. He got lost and they didn’t understand my directions. Anyways, my friend only had 100 pesos and she owed 20... Of course the driver didn’t have change. I only had 100 too but my friend needed a smaller bill. Of course, I was home alone… so, I gave her 10 dollars and the taxi driver gave her 20 pesos back. So, she repaid me later. At 6:50, she started my hair and we only had until 7:20. She got it done and I liked it. She asked if I wanted it all curled because girls here sometimes just curl the bottom? Haha… I am so thankful that I have a best friend like Leii who is always here for me whenever I need her.

Anyways, students who are graduating are allowed to participate. Tickets sold for 150 pesos a piece and you buy them individually. It is basically like senior prom but it is tradition for the girls to wear white dresses. If I heard right, I believe abut 50 schools were there.

My school did not participate but even if my school would’ve participated, my classmates couldn’t have participated because I am in the 5th year. Other schools graduate in the 5th year but my school has 6 years. I have been told that I attend one of the best schools in all of Argentina. Their academic standards are high and you have to pass a huge test to be accepted. However, I do believe that I am switching to another school in February when we go back to school. This school is a private school but free to exchange students because I believe the owner was once an exchange student or something like that. This school actually has toilet paper in the bathroom and you do not have to wear a uniform! I am definitely looking forward to it!

Anyways, there were 3,200 students at Cena Blanca. Before the dinner, there was a Grand March throughout the city. There were so many people there watching the couples walk. Some people were escorted by a relative instead of a date. My friend found me a date about two weeks before the dance. To be honest, I met him and he had longer hair than me… totally not my type! So… I did not bother to get his number to plan stuff or even add him on Facebook. So… he met up with my friends for the Grand March and he had flowers and did not give them to me. Then, I told Cameron that I think he was going to go with another girl… I was right. I did not have a guy or flowers… so I gave Cameron some money to buy me flowers… God Bless him, he added money to it and bought me a bouquet. Then, his date found me a guy to walk with! The guy is 22, studies in Buenos Aires, has a motorcycle and was taller than me. Finding guys here, taller than me, barely happens! I was very lucky. Now, I am drying out my bouquet of flowers in my room since my mom always would dry out my flowers from dances!

Well, at dinner you sat with your school.. So I sat with my friend’s school. Well, the food at the dance was HORRIBLE. Everything was cold and too many things had eggs in it. But, I do not blame them… it would be hard to serve a group that big. The icecream at the end was great… it reminded me of a Klondike bar! There were so many waiters and waitresses. Also, they had a health tent if people needed medical attention. But, what I loved the most was the seamstresses. There was a lady there to sew your dress if you needed it… for free!

The dance was from about 11pm until 6 am. After the dance, a lot of our friends were going camping. Kirsten and I decided to save 30 pesos a piece and not go. Instead, we slept until 6pm then we got woken up to eat.

Thursday proved to me why my mom does not want me to get a piercing here in Argentina.

I went with Leii to get her bellybutton pierced. Her brother knew but no one else in her family did. I guess she had it done before but her mom made her take it out… and her mom wouldn’t let her get it redone because she has bad grades in three classes.

Anyways, we went into the piercing room and within 3 minutes, we were out of there… talk about fast! The lady pierced it… never even asked for my friends name, age, or ID… and she did not even have to sign anything! She did not even clamp it or clean the area about her bellybutton. The needle came out of a package so at least it seemed to be clean. She paid about 50 pesos which is approximately $12.50. I cannot believe how much independence kids have here.

I forgot to mention that an exchange student here, from another program, decided to get his tongue pierced. He never even knew that there could be permanent damage if the guy pierced it wrong. The boy is only 15 and I still do not think he understands that the hole will never close…. Haha, I asked him what his mom said… and he said that his mom said no. But then the kid was like, mom do you really want to make me sad?… so then she let him!!!… haha, that still makes me laugh.

After, Leii bought my icecream and we basically got the same flavors! Then, I went to the supermarket! I am making an alcohol basket instead of a fruit basket for my siblings for Christmas. I bought 4 individual bottles of corona, 3 1 liter bottles of beer, vodka, fernet, a big bottle of coke and 4 cans of energy drinks. I think the cashier was thinking that I am a alcoholic. He asked if I was paying with a card or cash. I misheard him and thought he just said card so I showed him my ID but he did not care. It seems like in my town, they do not care to card you to see if you are 18. I plan on buying one more drink that my host sister likes and then buying a basket and a bow for the top. I think I got a knot in my back from carrying all the beverages! The bus was full so I did not have a seat and I for sure thought that I was going to fly through the bus window. Thankfully, I eventually got a seat.

When I got home, I found out that my brother leaves for the USA next Thursday and that is the day my sister comes home from college. My brother will be doing some work there until February. He will be about 8 hours from my real home… I am pretty jealous. Anyways, I do not know when to give them the gift? I think that I will give it to them a few days before my brother leaves. I am sure they will at least save some for my sister. I told my host mom what I was doing and she thought it was funny.

Hopefully Jose, my middle brother, does not read this… he was an exchange student in the USA many years ago so he is the only one that really understands English well. But, I felt like posting it anyways… so if he does read it, I guess it will not be a surprise for him!

I found out that most people in Argentina put their tree up the day of the Immaculate Conception which was two days ago. At my house, we still do not have the tree up. My host parents work so much that it is hard… but, I think we are going to put it up Sunday. I hope!

I hope you are all in Christmas spirit…
I am not… there isn’t even snow here!


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