Friday, December 3, 2010

spiritual healing

So I have been having this problem with my skin so I have not been able to swim. Anyways, I had been very sad and depressed that I could not been able to swim. I decided to run, but running bothers my skin too. I was basically at the end of my rope and very frustrated.

On Monday, I went to the basilica, a church in central that is absolutely beautiful, and I sat there and prayed. Then, I decided to ask what time mass is on Sundays. I was going to ask one of the monks but they were busy… so, I decided to ask this guy who was setting up flowers around the church. He was in his thirties and I could tell that he had a mental illness.

I started talking to him and he automatically knew I was from the US. He was asking me about all the actors and actresses there and if I have met any of them. Ha ha. He then told me that there is a mass the next day for anointing of the sick. He told me that he expected me to be there. I wondered why he encouraged me to go and I remembered that God works in mysterious ways.

I went to the dermatologist the next day and I started to feel a little better.

But after I left the church, I texted my friend, Esteban and invited him to go with me. He is one of the only kids my age that I know goes to church. He is a wonderful guy and is always there for me when I need him. Needless to say, we went to church Tuesday night.

OH MY GOODNESS! Church was crazy… they actually sang songs in Spanish that we sing at my church back home in English. The priest threw holy water on everyone and you touched the part of you that is sick. Then, people went up to the alter for the oil. People lined up horizontally and the priest put oil on the back of your hands and head. Then, you both closed your eyes and he touched your head… AND YOU FELL BACKWARDS. But, they had designated people there to catch you. When I was watching, I was actually scared to get it done. But, I went up and I fell backwards too. I can not even explain how I felt… I couldn’t even help but fall backwards. In reality, I would never fall back because I do not trust people to catch me. I believe that it was the Holy Spirit. You don’t have to believe me if you do not want to… honestly, if I wasn’t there, I would probably doubt it too. But, it was an amazing experience.

I felt so much better afterwards; I just felt peaceful. Now, I feel like the medicine from the dermatologist is helping me but I also believe it is spiritual healing.

I posted so pictures I took of the basilica during my first week here in Argentina.

Yesterday, I hung out with Kirsten. We wanted to dye our hair… so, I chose a darker brown. She was dying it and the solution was purple. Then, she got a hole in her glove. After we finished, we thought my hair looked anything but brown. Then, her finger turned a rusty red. After time, we realized that my hair turned out red. I was pretty shocked but hey… it will eventually fade. It will not last forever… I will survive! We are dying her hair tomorrow. Hopefully it will turn out the color she wants it to be!


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