Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today I went to the beauty shop with my sister. She got her legs waxed… ahhh. It looked like it hurt a lot. I am getting mine done next week. Here, waxing is more common than shaving. Anyways, I went to central (the town) with Em my sister. She leaves to go back to college tomorrow. We stood in line when she was getting a bus ticket to go back to school. Behind me was a 2 year old girl with her grandma. I gave her a kangaroo shaped sillybandz and she smiled a lot. She was so cute and it made my day. Also, while standing in line, I saw a man with a purse. He had a baby goat inside of it. I really wanted to take a picture, but I did not want to offend him. I go to school on Monday! Since I choose to work on the float, I will not have to take classes. I even bought a Toy Story shirt that the students designed. I hope the principal lets me take mining. All the other exchange students are in Chemistry. But, I want to take mining with my brother, Ignacio. I think it would be interesting. It is kind of like blacksmithing... ya know firing metal I gave my host family gifts from the US. Necklaces for my mom and sister and t-shirts with my town name for my dad and brothers. I also brought a wooden structure that said stuff about my state and chocolate from my state. They were so appreciative of the gifts. Yesterday, I was at the school to visit. I am helping with the float… It is a big deal here. All night I folded paper that was 1inch by 1inch into a flower. They use that for the character’s costumes in Toy Story 3. The girls make the flowers and the boys build the structure. However, there is one boy making flowers. He looks like the black version of Beans from “Even Stevens!” Last night, everyone was working on the float… we worked until 12 at night. But earlier in the evening, all the students ran to the window. Outside, 3 guys robbed a lady of her stereo. My brother, Ignacio, and his friends went to help her. She was in her car and very sad because she does not have a lot of money. This one girl in the school told me that the 3 guys walked away like it was nothing. They did not even run. It can be pretty crazy here at times. Well, that is all for now. xoxox

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