Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ignacio is the BOSS

la torta!

All of this morning, my mom was making a cake. I guess it tastes like oranges? We took it to the school for my brother, Ignacio. Since he is the boss of the float,he has been working very hard.It is Sunday and they are working on the float basically everyday of the week. He probably will not be home until midnight. When we took the cake to him he said "Hi Carley." It makes me laugh when he talks in English because he only knows a little. Then he said high five, but his hands were black from working with all the metal. On our way home, I saw a small, wooden sign that had “Cyber” written on it. They have Cyber School here! But, they have computers for the students to use because not every family has a computer. Last night, at dinner, Ignacio threw a towel at Mama. He said "in your face" and my other brother and him think that phrase is so funny. But, Mama did not think it was funny. She said some Spanish work that started with a "B" and it means you have gone too far. But, I thought she called him a bastard. When I told my brothers, sister what I thought she said, they laughed. Then, my Papa was worried that I thought they were laughing at me and not with me. He made my one brother, who knows English well, translate to me that they were not laughing at me. Papa worries a lot... haha, he also tells me a lot about Argentina and talks a lot when we are driving around. If I just shake my head up an down and say si, he thinks I do not understand (even when I do!). Yesterday, my brother, Juan, and sister made pizza. The bread and sauce were homemade. I think they are trying to make me feel more at home because I have not ate a lot of their food. My mama says EAT!!! They fix my plate for me. When I do not eat all of it, they give it to the dog. They ask if I like a type of food and I say yes, but only a little. haha... Today Mama made raviolis that had cheese inside of them. I do not think the water tastes different... but, if I really think about it, it tastes different. They drink Tang here like I drink sweet tea at my house. I think Tang tastes okay… but today they smashed up oranges and put them in it… I like that much better! Tomorrow, I go to school. I will probably work on the float all I day. The school uniform is a red shirt, blue jeans and dark shoes. I have Ignacio’s shirt that does not fit him. I am probably getting another one tomorrow… I hope. I only have two pairs of jeans appropriate for school. I hope I can buy more! I am going to a Rotary meeting on Wednesday. I am looking forward to it because it will be my first time attending one in Argentina. This upcoming weekend I might be going to a Rotary orientation with all the other exchange students. Some of the students have asked me if I am going… hopefully, I will find out Wednesday if I get to go to. I haven’t made really any friends yet. I have spent a lot of time hanging out with my host sister since she is going back to school. My middle brother Juan goes to work/school and so do my parents. Then, Ignacio goes to the school to work on the float. Here, they take the float very seriously. In the US, I do not think students would be that willing to work on a float all week and all weekend. But, if they win they get a huge trophy and the satisfaction of being the champions. I think my school usually gets about 4th place which is pretty good considering there are many, many schools. Well, my family is going to drink some mate… so it is my time to drink tea. Take care everyone!


  1. Hi Carley - you sound great. Alex is really excited to hear about the Toy Story 3 Float and can't wait to see a picture of you ON the float!!! Your host family sounds great.We are looking forward to hearing about your first day of school. Take care and we love you.
    Alex Lynn & Brian

  2. Thanks! Yeah...
    the float is going to be great.
    the characters move too! haha :)
    I will not be on the float :/
    only the school queen and princesses
    get to be on it. but I will definitely
    take pictures! I love you guys too.

    school wasn't bad...
    i just worked on the float.
    i met more people... finally,
    i am making friends :)