Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye Em!

So... my host sister left for school last night. My two brothers and I took her to the bus station. I still cannot believe how many wild dogs I am seeing. Last night, Ignacio’s eye was very red. I guess he was firing metal together without wearing glasses. He said all the glasses were taken and he needed to get something done right away. My brother, Jose, told on him and Ignacio was not happy. I watched the boys fire metal the other day… I was far away and I couldn’t even look at the fire because it was so bright. Ignacio is stubborn… like me. Juan said “what does fucking moron mean?... I am not sure what it means but I think that is what Ignacio is.” Haha… I laughed so hard. But anyways, Jose said something mean to me earlier in the day and I told him in English to be nice to me or I would cry. He begged me not to because Mama and Papa would yell at him. It is nice that Jose can speak English when I do not understand, but it is also nice how I can threaten him in English. However, the rest of my family knows some words in English so I have to talk fast and use different words. Haha. Last night, Mama, Papa and Juan (my translator) had to go over the questions required by my exchange program. Papa was so serious and he talks a lot about certain things. They basically said they would treat me like a daughter and they said that they will yell at me like their own children. They told me that they would take me to school. Then, when I get the hang of it, I can take the city bus. I told them that I do not want to take the bus alone… I would rather spend all day at the school with Ignacio until the float is done. After the end of September, the float and parade will be over so we will not have to spend all day at the school. All I know is… the buses scare me enough let alone being by myself. My family tells me they are safe, but then I also have to walk 3 blocks after I get off the bus. 3 blocks usually in the dark… I guess my neighborhood is one of the safest. Jose says 80 year old people walk it every day… haha. He says that it is basically a precognition… he said a “3rd world slap in the face.” Haha… Yes, it is 3rd world here and I see it every day. I guess my parents are getting me a phone. They tell me that I can have friends over as long as I tell them before. I thought … wow, that is neat but I do not have any friends and I am scared I will not make any. Knowing my luck, I will like them and they will not like me or vice versa. Haha… Juan tells me that I will not have a problem with making friends. He says I am friendly and cool… but people here are different so who knows. Cool, sounds like the dogs are fighting outside. Anyways… I forgot to mention that we have a gas store here. You turn the gas on then stick a match under it. HA! I haven’t tried it yet because I know how I am with fire.

I had my first day of school today. The principal introduced me to all the students. They are just stared at me when she told them where I was from. However, they are all nice. I think I actually made friends. The two girls that are really nice to me speak English well. They think I am funny… I still call the one boy “Beans” since he looks like Beans from “Even Stevens.” My brother, Ignacio keeps singing about not having rhythm... it is a song from "Phineas and Ferb"... I guess it is called Ain't got no Rhythm. It is funny when he sings it in Spanish. Well… keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Chau for now.

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