Thursday, September 2, 2010

school school school

Never in my life did I think that I would be firing metal together, using a box cutter and sewing cardboard together at school. Yes! I did that all yesterday while working on the float. My host brother showed me how to hold a mask and fire the metal together. The sparks really scared me because I thought that they would burn through materials. The school does not buy toilet paper and soap for everyone... so, they is not any in the bathroom. The float makers have their own. It was a good day. My friend, Veronica… I still do not know how to spell her name… well, she took me costume shopping. I am renting a “can can” outfit for the costume party on Friday. It is a red corset with a matching skit that also has black in it. Then, she is letting me borrow her boots. I have not spent a lot of money yet… which is a good thing. But, I did buy 10 little cookies the other day. They were like chips ahoy or whatever but in Spanish. I have never enjoyed a cookie so much in my life. I miss swimming… but then I am constantly reminded of it. Unlike at home, my shower here does not suck the water down. When I swam on the swimteam, on the pool deck, we used a pusher thing to put the excess water from the pool back into the drain. In my shower, I have to do the same thing. I use that “pusher thing” and put the water down the drain. Definitely very different… but I do not mind it at all. Yesterday, I also went to the Rotary meeting. It was good… I met a girl from Germany that is also an exchange student. Sunday, I will meet the three other exchange students that live near me! Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUAN! 25! Woo hoo. My birthday is in less than a week. I have been having weird dreams... like one about the Jonas Brothers. I had a dream about little Alex who is like 9... In my dream, he was taking a freshman class. In the class there were like seniors! Chau for now… I decided I shall go to school for the day!

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