Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween is in a few days?!...

I GOT A PACKAGE TODAY FROM CHRISTY AND BOB! It was full of Halloween candy. The card was the kind that had sound with it… so cute! It really made my day! Oddly, I was telling my American friend the other day how much I wanted a tootsie-pop. Crazily enough, there are tootsie-pops in the package I was sent! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH GUYS!

Dad… I hope you had an amazing birthday. I wish I could have some of that ice cream cake you have! I am happy you were able to go to the swim practice!

So… as I said before, the former President of Argentina passed away yesterday. I decided to buy a newspaper, on the street this morning, in order to remember this tragic event that occurred during my exchange. There were many men selling the same newspaper. I decided to buy one from this man with a cane… he was blind. I felt bad because he did not look like he was getting a lot of business. But, it was kind of a bad idea haha… Anyways, I asked him how much it cost and he said 2.50 pesos… so I was handing him 5 but he just stood there and told me the price again. I do not know if he did not see it or if he wanted the exact amount. So, I had to search for my 2 peso bill and 50 centavos… I was scrambling around looking for it while juggling the 7 pound box I just received at the post office. Needless to say, I finally found the change, bought the paper and was happy that I bought it from him!

As I went to take the bus home, I gave him a 2 peso bill and the bus driver asked for 25 centavos so that he could give me 50 centavos back. I guess he ran out of the 25 coins, like always! However, I only had 65 centavos and he took it and gave me a peso! That is like me giving you 65 cents and you giving me a dollar even though I am 35 cents short. I guess that is the way the buses work… sometimes they short you and sometimes they give you more.

In my other post, I forgot to mention that Cameron lives a few blocks outside of central. When we would hangout, he walked 24 blocks just to get to the edge of central. Then, I we walked around even more in central. God bless him for walking so far just to keep me company!


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