Thursday, October 21, 2010


MY PACKAGE FROM MY PARENTS FINALLY CAME! YUMMY... cookie/brownie mixes, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter... a shirt and earrings... and some other things! The package was mailed the 17th of September. Wednesday, I got a letter in the mail from the post office saying that I had a package to pick up. The maid signed for the letter when the postman came. However, it said that I owed 5 pesos because this was my second notice that I had a package. I could have picked up my package the 30th of September but I was not made aware that it was at the post office!

Anyways, I went to the post office with my brother at 9 in the morning. I waited in line for 10 minutes until the lady waited on me. The post office here is different than what I am used to… they have about five or six attendants behind computers, a lady in another room for packages, a room closed in by glass and a security guard. I saw my package and the lady in the package room asked for my passport. I gave her a copy of it. I was advised not to carry my passport around since it is such an important document. However, she did not accept a copy even though it has the same exact information as my passport!

So… my brother had gym class at 10... He asked if I wanted to go back to the post office by myself or go the next day with him. I am trying to be more independent and
I wanted my package so bad! I decided to walk to the bus stop… get on the bus to go back home… and get my passport from the house. As I was walking to my house, I got whistled at by a guy in a truck but it did not even phase me. The post office closed at 11:30 so I was on a mission!

The maid met me at the door to ask me who signed the first notice… she was worried. I think that she thought she might have signed it and she did not want Papa to get mad that she did not make me aware of it. She is so precious… everything she makes with egg, she leaves a portion without egg for me. Anyways, I got the passport and walked back to the bus stop. I got on the bus but this time, I had to get off at the location we usually get off to walk to the school. But, I had to walk the opposite direction we do for school. So… I got off the bus and started walking. My sweet, loving brother drew me a map that told me where to go after I got off the bus. I kind of followed it but then I got confused. Ha, I kept walking and turning when it felt right. I probably prayed every step. I finally got to a place that looked familiar! Then, I walked to the post office from there. God only knows how many blocks I walked!

I picked up my package… then the security guard took my package to the room closed in my glass which is the international room. The lady in the room weighed my package… converted into pounds it was about 15 pounds! Then, she had me open it up so she could see what was inside. Sometimes they charge you for what you are sent. However, my mom spent about $56 sending it so for some reason they did not make me pay.

I left the post office happy as ever! As I was walking down the main shopping street, I saw a bookstore. I went inside and found they have some books in English,. I decided to buy a small Spanish to English dictionary. Then, I met my brother at the bus stop. We agreed that he would call me and that we would meet at the bus stop. I started walking toward the bus stop and I thought he did not call me yet so I was going to call him when I got close. My phone was on vibrate/silent so I had no clue that I had five missed calls from him! I felt bad… but, he carried my package for me until we got home.

Yeah… that dictionary came in handy later in the day. I took an English test… we translated sentences from English to Spanish. For the other students, it is English class. But, for me, it is basically Spanish class. I probably did not do too well on it but I tried my best.

Since I got my package, we have been eating the peanut butter. I eat it with my Mama’s homemade strawberry jelly. My brothers like it with dulce de leche… that carmel stuff. I do not like dulce de leche but with peanut butter it is actually pretty good!

Today, I got up early and had to go to Sexual Education class. I will not lie… I was not a fan of it. My friend’s mom was the instructor. She is a very sweet lady but I did not want to sit there and listen about sex. This other lady was there and she was making sure that everyone was paying attention. She had a shirt on that was see-through on the stomach and totally see-through on the back to where her bra was visible. I would say she was about fifty years old. It was attractive?… It is just odd for me to see older ladies dress the way they do here.

I do not have classes today… but the odd thing is… I did not find out until this morning. Someone said that it has something to do with independence and someone else said a strike? Sometimes, I do not think anyone knows completely… haha and quite frankly, I do not think they care either as long as they do not have to sit in school.

I plan on sleeping today since I only slept probably five hours last night. I need more sleep than that and I also have swim practice tonight!

I hope my sister, Kaelin, feels better soon. I guess she has been pretty sick. Tomorrow, she has to hand the crown over. I hope she feels up to it….Whenever she is sick, it is very hard for her. I prayed that I would be sick instead of her but I do not think God wants it that way… we will see. STAY STRONG KK! I love you.

I hope everyone has a great weekend…
WE CAN MAKE IT… only Friday left!

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