Sunday, October 3, 2010

goodbye weekend... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAELIN

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAELIN! No matter how far apart, you’re always in my heart. I love you big sissy! I texted her to say Happy Birthday. I sent a 5 page text and it only cost about $.75. I figured it would cost more. It was totally worth it!

I am still waiting on the mail that my mom sent about a month ago or longer! It took about 10 days for me to get a postcard with First Class! If mail takes this long, I better buy something for my family for Christmas and mail it now. Haha.

Well, district orientation went well… Saturday morning the bus ride to the other city was 5 hours. The bus had two levels! Those buses are very common here. The seats reclined and they had this leg rest you could pull out from the seat in front of you.

We were told to bring our own sheets and towels. On the bus, we were wondering why we needed to bring sheets? When we got there, we realized we were staying in a Hostel. I have never stayed in one before. We had a room that had 4 bunk beds. Since there were 8 exchange girls, it was perfect. I am glad we did not have to share a room with a stranger. The beds felt somewhat like a rock but after some time, you got used to it.

In my city, there are two German girls, a Canadian girl, and an American boy. When we went to the conference, we met two other American girls… I believe they are from Oregon and Washington. There is a girl from Belgium and another one from Germany. There were four guys which were all from Germany.

We do not have a diversified group. But, in a way, it is nice that you have people from your own country. It makes me feel somewhat closer to home.

We watched “America’s Got Talent!” Everyone thinks I am crazy because I have so much American pride. We handout pins for our blazers… my pin is a heart and has ribbon that says “God Bless America” on it… I am constantly singing country songs about America… I hang the American flag in my room… it is pretty bad haaaa. But, the one American girl said she was embarrassed of the US sometimes. However, there would be no one in hell I would ever be embarrassed. I love my country. I refuse to ever lose my pride or down talk the land I love!

We talked about the trip in November to the Patagonia… every student in the district is invited to go. It is about seventeen days long. We get to miss school for it and we do not even need the school’s approval! I am looking forward to it… However, I still need to do the paperwork for it.

When we got home from the conference, my friends left with their parents. I waited in the bus terminal alone for 20 minutes. On the bus, I watched “My Sister’s Keeper” so I ended up eating candy and cookies during in. Anyways, at the terminal, I threw away my bag with my candy and cookie wrappers. There was this man that was mentally ill. I felt bad for him… he was talking to the air and raising his hand. But, he kept giving me eye contact and mumbling. I sat as far away as possible but I continued to watch him out of the corner of my eye. With his bare hands, he took my bag out of the garbage can and went through it?! I could not believe it.

When I came home, my dad was sewing a bag. I guess it had ripped? I think it is nice he knows how to sew.

My friend told me that there is a Chemistry test tomorrow morning. I do not go to class in the morning… but he says that if I do not take it, I will get a 1. The grading scale is 1 to 10. Even if I did take it, I think I would get a 1 anyways. School stresses me out… I do not understand so I get frustrated. I need to relax and not take it so seriously. I can only do so much… I am learning. Rome wasn’t built in a day… so, I will be patient.


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