Monday, October 18, 2010

ohhh Monday!

So about that puppy… It is not a member of my family anymore. Saturday, this man came to our house and said it was his puppy. I was happy that he found him. The poor guy hung up flyers all over town. I was right… it is a chocolate lab and only two months old!

I woke early today for an almost 3 hour chemistry lab. Today, the teacher asked me my name! Then, he had me complete this reaction but I had a hard time since I do not remember anything for taking chemistry two years ago. So about our chem labs… hahaha. All the chemicals are sitting out in the open and only a few are locked up. Also, we did not have to wear goggles or aprons. Back home, all the chemicals are in a back room which students are not permitted inside. Also, we ALWAYS wore goggles and aprons.

Well, this Friday… I am suppose to be handing the crown over to the new homecoming queen of my high school back in the US. I am pretty sad that I cannot be there. However, my sister is going to do it… she gets to crown the queen two years in a row. Haha… she crowned me and now she will crown the 2010 Homecoming Queen. I hope she crowns my one friend. I made up a speech to be read… it is relatively short but is to the point. So, on Friday, I plan to stay busy to keep my mind off of wanting to be home.

The Brady Bunch was just on TV… wow, I miss that show.

Okay… I guess there is not a lot of change here. So, The bus costs 1.75 (in pesos)… and I hand the bus driver 2 pesos and I do not get change. Sometimes, he runs out so you just don’t get change. I feel so ripped off! Haha… I also love going shopping. You hand the cashier money and they ask for a certain amount of change to make the amount even. I think… if I had the change, I would’ve gave it to you in the first place. However, my favorite is when I bought Gatorade the other day… I did not have the change the man wanted so he gave me two pieces of gum instead of giving me the change he was supposed to. I guess that is common for them to just give you the amount of change in candy. I feel bad because the one day I went to the grocery store… well, I kind of ripped the store off a peso because I did not have the correct amount of change the lady wanted. So… the lesson that everyone can learn is… be thankful that you do not have to search for change to satisfy the cashier and you do not get ripped off! Back home, I definitely take for granted receiving change while buying something.

Today… I saw a guy on crutches and he did not have a right foot. I also saw a blind couple… God Bless the man for taking care of his wife. I believe he was partially blind but she was fully blind. I also saw a lady with a neck brace. Little things like that… make me realize how much more I should thank God.

I have these bites all over my body. They tell me that they are mosquito bites… which makes sense because they itchy. But, they are really tiny. Maybe the mosquitoes are not as blood thirsty here? I do not know… hopefully they go away soon!


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