Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Friday I went to a local club for a foam party. This was the second one that I have gone to. They have this speaker looking thing that shoots bubbles down from the ceiling. I was soaking wet and my eyes were burning. It was probably a bad idea to wear my contacts. However, it was so much fun! Eventually, the bubbles got taller than me in some areas. Alfred, the one exchange boy from Austria, was holding my hand in the bubbles so we would not lose each other! Like I said before when I went to the other foam party, guys try to freely grab the girls in the bubbles. Well… this random guy tried to grab my chest so I grabbed onto Alfred and hugged him so the guy would not touch me. Then, the guy punched Alfred in the nose/lip and ran away! Alfred handled it well and did not get that mad. He was bleeding from his nose and I felt so bad! He also just had his tongue pierced a few days before that which did not help at all! So needless to say, the Austrian boy took a punch for me! The kid punched him for no reason?! I still do not understand why… haha.

After that, I was waiting for my friends to clean the bubbles off of them. Randomly, out of no where, this guy from the bar area of the club walked up to me. He grabbed my arms with a grip that I could not release from. He asked how old I was and he told me that he was 22. He was trying to dance but I told him that I did not want to… then he was trying to kiss me. I just kept saying “NO BESOS” haha no kisses! Finally, after continually trying to release my hands, he got the picture and let me go.

The other day, I got a hair-wrap type thing. I bought it for 10 pesos from a hippie selling them on the street. He had ones set out but he made mine especially for me. I was able to choose the colors and he had me pick it up a few minutes later. It only took him about five minutes to make! I decided to have pink, blue, and purple. He knots/braids the yarn together then he tied it into my hair. It reminds me of how I got a hair-wrap when I went to Florida in second grade. However, this time, only party of the wrap is tied to my hair. The wrap is not done around my hair so it will be easier to take it out whenever I want!

All the exchange students had a sleepover together on Saturday night. We went on a night walk! We stepped over this fence and went on military ground. I guess they use that ground for hunting and they always watch over it. The girls were scared because we were afraid we would get shot or something. Needless to say, we make it back safe and had an enjoyable walk. We were able to see more of the city from the hill we were on!

Monday, Cameron, the other boy from the USA, and I went around the city and explored. Before I got there, he was searching for a new memory card for my camera. He found a place that sold the one that I needed! I had to spend 210 pesos (aprox. $52.50) on a camera card that was only 2GB! Yes, anything dealing with electronics is more expensive here. Cameron and I also went to the grocery store and walked down EVERY aisle! We saw these hippies on the street selling pipes made out of animal bone… we believe they are tobacco pipes and not pipes for weed. Cameron and I were talking in English and passed a guy selling illegal movies on the side of the street. He was speaking in Spanish then heard me and he said “FREE MOVIES” and he winked at me. It made me laugh. Cameron and I have become pretty good friends. We both have the same astrological sign which we believe has an effect on how much alike we are.

The other morning, the maid let the cat inside to eat. Then, she forgot to put him back outside. I guess after it was done eating, it came into my room. I woke up with this black, furry thing beside me. I wondered how it got inside my room? I shut the door but it was able to push it open which is weird. Sleeping with the cat reminded me again of how much I miss my two cats at home that always slept with me. When the maid woke me up, she realized the cat was in my bed and she put it outside. My Papa does not approve of the cat being inside and he especially does not approve of it sleeping in the bed. I cannot imagine what the cat brought into my bed. We have a fence around the yard but the cat slips through out… God only knows where it has gone!

Yesterday, I found out that I have a package to pick up from the post office! I could not pick it up today because it is Census Day. People are going around and counting the number of people in each house for the 2010 Census here. All the schools and basically businesses as well are closed so that someone is home when the Census worker comes to count. They do not do the Census by mail which I thought was odd. They looked at my passport and asked my age.

So… the maid told me that I got fatter. She said my jeans look tighter which they do not feel like they have?! Also, she told me to put lotion on my lips before I go to bed since they are chapped. I love how much she cares. I just laugh and learn to appreciate how she is trying to make me better.

I hung out with some friends in central last night then I took the bus home. I found out that Cameron’s friend lives in the same neighborhood as me! He was on the bus as well and we started talking to each other. We get off at the same place! Then, he walked me to my house and I got my swim stuff… then, he walked me to practice. He is such a gentleman! He asked me how I liked living in my neighborhood. When I first came, I realized that there were nice and bigger houses in my neighborhood. He told me that our neighborhood is one of the nicest to live in. There are more rich than poor… also, it is very safe. I feel very fortunate to live in my neighborhood!

Last night, I went to a party with my brother. There were 24 guys and only one other girl. We had a great time! They brought out guitars and this wooden clarinet instrument. At parties, everyone is really into singing. So… we sang some songs. Then, they played “I’m Yours” and “American Woman” for me. I loved how they sang it to me because their accents were funny!

The President’s husband died today of a heart attack (he was a former President about 2 years ago). Tomorrow, I might not have school since he died. If I do not have, then, the post office will probably be closed too. Then, I cannot get the package until Monday since the office is closed Friday…. Bummer!!!

Finally, I was on the bus and saw a guy who had an eye sown shut. So… whenever you feel like you need to complain about something, be thankful that you can at least see all the beautiful things God has created with TWO eyes.


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