Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ohhhh Argentina...

I still cannot figure out why there is no toilet paper in public restrooms. But, they are willing to use so much paper for the floats! Haha. My school got 5th… I saw the float today… they are destroying it. It is hard to believe that all the work is just thrown away the next day.

I still cannot figure out why they put eggs on basically all sandwiches. I do not like hamburgers but I went out with my friends and I did not have any other choice but to get one. It came with egg… to me, that is totally different. I would expect lettuce and tomato… anything but egg! Haha.

I still cannot figure out why there was like an 11 year old at the club the other night. However, at the other club, there was like a 30 year old. I do not know what the age range is?! Haha.

Anyways, my one brother makes me laugh. He wears a fanny pack around his shoulder and back… the pack is in the front. I guess he uses it when he does not have pockets?

I had a horrible nightmare the other night…. my mom stepped on my cat and killed it… then I found out my mom had stomach cancer. I was not very happy when I woke up.

Yesterday I had my first day of real classes. I stayed in the same room from 2 p.m. to around 7 p.m… but I had 3 breaks and 3 different teachers. That means I am in class with the same 18 boys and 5 girls all the time. One teacher would teach for a few hours, then a new one would come. I learned about tectonic plates… minerals… geography… yeah, fun stuff. I did not really understand what the teachers wrote on the board but I tried my best!

The one teacher called me Caroline?! The one teacher said “chair, ass, work” haha and he had us stand up to greet him because I guess that is being respectful. The one teacher expects me to get a copy of the handout some of the other kids had… I guess it is not his job to give everyone a copy of the handout he is using to teach? Whatever. It surely is different. Haha.. Some kids had their phones on their desks the whole time!

The one teacher read all the grades from the one test out loud! I guess it is common. I explained my grading scale to some friends. Here, I think everything is out of 10... And a 4 passes. This one kid had a shirt on that said A+… haha it made me laugh since they do not use letters for grading here.

Tomorrow I have a mineral class, computer programming or something like that, and English class. In English class, we translate the English text into Spanish. But the English text is about minerals and organisms… stuff like that ha!

Swim practice went well. I got invited to my one teammate’s 15th birthday party! 15 is a big age here and they have crazy parties for their birthdays at that age. However, I do not think I can go… it is this weekend. I am suppose to go another city for the district conference for Rotary. At least I get to meet the other exchange students! I am saving the invitation I got… you can tell a lot of time was put into them!

I was able to get a few pictures of our the characters on our float just before they were completed! Don't worry... the black material on the dog did not stay. I do not know why they threw it on the dog! haha.

Anyways, have a GREAT week everyone!

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