Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Happy Birthday Alex!!! Love you buddy. Happy Birthday to Alayna and Nikayla too!

Yesterday was an okay day at school. I am getting bored with the float but it is better than classes. So… I was cutting paper and a girl switched me scissors. She gave me a pair that did not work.But… I am making friends. Like six boys were talking to me and asking me questions and a girl told them to get back to work. She said I was distracting them. Oh yeah… I was asked if there are horses in the United States. Crazy?!

Ha… I get a phone tonight. My host parents gave me money to get a basic one. I am probably going to put money on my phone so I do not have to pay a monthly bill.

I start swimming next week! That will definitely be a stress reliever.

The maid here is so sweet. She knows I do not like egg. So, whenever she makes a type of food that has egg in it, she leaves part of it without egg. She is like family here. Yesterday she reminded me how much I need to pluck my eyebrows. I am getting used to my clothes being air dried… they are A LOT stiffer than being dried in a dryer. But, Dora takes the dirty ones from my room and then I find the clean ones neatly folded on my bed. On my bed, which she makes practically everyday, but not on Sunday since she does not come that day.

Today, I woke up and the cat was sleeping in my bed. It made me feel more at home since my two cats, in the US, sleep with me!

I hope it is a good day… I am going to try to stay positive!

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