Thursday, September 2, 2010

:(... :)

I was sad at school today… I miss my family and friends a lot. But, my friends at school tried to make it better. I was having one of those days where EVERYTHING annoyed me… my sister would understand. I decided to help my friend paper mache the car on Toy Story 3. The paste smelt like some kind of food I had back in the US. Then, I found out it was flour and water! Anyways, we ate hotdogs at school. They cooked them in hot water. Everyone was putting mayonnaise on it! I guess they put mayo, ketchup, and mayo on it.That is the classic hotgod. Ha, I thought it was very different. My friend, Maudie, was boiling water for mate so he made me tea. I have drunk so much hot tea… every time I drink it, I think of my grandma. She always made it for me when I went to her house. I am getting more use to the cheek touch with the kissing sound. But, some people really kiss your cheek… mostly guys ha go figure. I talked to my friend today about appearances… it is so strange that here there is a different picture of beautiful. She showed me the people that we thought of to be beautiful at her school. I totally thought of other people as beautiful. Then, I explained to her what a “butter face” is… hahaahha. If you do not know what that means, ask my sister. So tomorrow, I am going to school in the morning then going to my friend’s house for lunch! She invited me over and then I will decide what pair of her boots to wear to the costume party! I hope it is fun… we will see. Zack, yesterday I wore the sweatshirt you got for me! I told people it was my boyfriend’s school. Ha! Well, Chau for now!


  1. OMG the hotdogs, that seriously made me laugh so hard. when galo was here we went to sheetz and he got hotdogs with mayo and ketchup. i thought it was so weird but then he made me try it and its good! hahahah

  2. Hahah ewwww no :p ohhh gayloooo