Tuesday, September 14, 2010

oh, Mondayyyy

Did you know that I am Saint Carley now? That is what my brother and his friends called me since I brought my brother a XBOX. My brother was like… thank you Saint Carley for bringing technology into our house. Haha…

Anyways, Monday was a good day. Papa came home with 2 big bags of my favorite bread. They are trying to buy and make things I like to eat. They think I do not eat enough.

Dora, the maid, did her daily examination of me… she always stares at me and lets me know what I need to fix. She noticed that my tragus was red and inflamed. When I looked in the mirror, she was right. It did not hurt but Mama gave me alcohol and medical cream for it. I also found out Dora is 34... Not 24. Mama is about 58 and Papa is about 60.

School was good… the parade is on Friday so tension is high! My friend from the US came to Argentina this past weekend. He is at a school near mine and he lives a few states away from me in the US. He likes all the attention he is getting from the girls!

Haha… At school, I tied ribbons on the pig statue on Saturday. Of course, when I came in on Monday, it was taken down and put horizontal instead of vertical. I guess they changed their mind of how they wanted it. I try not to get frustrated but that makes me feel like my work isn’t worth anything! But to make it better, I paper mached the spaceship. We had a good time throwing paper, soaked with flour and water on it, at each other. I got it in my hair and couldn’t wait to get home to shower. Some kids at school told me that they liked my hair… when people here say that, it still makes me laugh. It is nothing special. A boy even asked if I dyed it! Hahaha.

I went with Ignacio’s girlfriend to the store so she could get a drink. On our way back, we watched some of a handball game. It was pretty interesting. I wish I would have taken my camera. I think I remember playing it in gym class in the US but when I was in class, I thought the teachers just made the game up!

At school, a boy came up to me and was like… “Carley, can I ask you a question?” of course… I was wondering how the hell he knew my name but I was like yeah, sure! He was asking me questions about my exchange program. But then he said, where do you live? Everyone here, at least I thought, knew I was from the United States… so I responded PA. He then said, ohhhh…. Sorry I thought you lived in the United States. Haha… I thought my geography was bad! His friend said that he had failed geography and the kid was pretty embarrassed.

After school, Papa showed me the peaceful petitioning that was in front of the government building. So many organizations had flags flying in the trees. They were even spending the night there! There were so many tents on the yard in front of the government building. I am not sure what exactly they were rioting about… but my parents said something about people not having food and people being dirty because not having water to shower. So… I guess they are petitioning to make it better for the Argentine people.. Of course. Haha…

Marlee had random facts on her blog so I feel the need to copy here…

Handball is played with two 20 minute halves. 6+goalie=7 on the court at a time for each team. There are two referees who do not wear uniforms.

People here eat soooooo much bread. There are many types… sweet bread… factura is ate as a snack.

Milk is in a cartoon and does not have to be put in the refrigerator until it is opened.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard are bought in pouches. The same company produces it for about 4 countries in South America. If you have a problem with the product, there is a different number for each country to call.

Vehicle registration stickers are placed on the opposite side of the windshield than in the US. They are also vertical stickers instead of horizontal.

Of course… “military time” is used here. It is on all the cellphones.

I will do my best to think of more!

I am in the proccess of writing letters. My parents think it might be $8 to mail! But, I am not sure if they understood what I was asking. If they are right... that would be so crazy.

So… I am addicted to reading The Last Song.
That is what I am going to do now. Thank you Mommy for buying it for me!

DC! you're the best!

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