Friday, September 24, 2010


The past few nights, I have gone clubbing. It is absolutely amazing… it is the type of club you see in movies. So many people,… strobe lights… a lot of dancing… everyone having a great time. The occasional drunk that cannot even stand and of course, the bouncers that keep fights under control. The one night was “espuma”… which is foam. There was foam and bubbles to dance in… it was sooooo fun! But, guys thought they could get free grabs as you walked through the bubbles and could not see! Haha Anyways, I went again to the club Thursday night.

I went to swim practice Thursday night. In one lane, there was 5 guys plus me. The other lane had about 12 swimmers. The boy told me that we only had 6 because we are faster? Haha… it makes me feel good that I am a pretty good swimmer here. After, I went with my two teammates to our friend’s house. Then, my German friend, Sophia came to his house too! We all went to the club together.

Sophia and I were sick of gross guys trying to seduce us. Haha… so we were on a mission for two cuties. Unfortunately, we learned that they do not come in pairs. We did not have luck at all! The club closed at 4 a.m. so at 3:30 a.m. we gave up. We were dancing with each other then this guy started dancing with me. He was 22 years old… I did not get his name… he was definitely intoxicated. Sophia denied his friend!.. Haha so then she danced with his other friend. My guy was trying to kiss me… it was awkward. Guys here are soooo friendly… it is very bad. You have to say no and keep them in line. Haha.

Mommy! I cannot wait for you to read my journal. You can read all the things that I cannot post on here because this is monitored. Haha

The only thing I do not like about the club is all the smoke. So many people smoke… also, kids drink underage. Here, you can drink at 18. But, you can buy alcohol basically at any age because they do not card. They are not suppose to sell to minors but they do not care because they make money by doing it.

I enjoy not drinking and watching all the drunk people… thinking.. Wow, they look so pathetic. Haha… Usually, I have to play “Mommy” and take care of my friends.

Anyways, I am going to the Queen Election. It is for the Queen of Argentina. Who knows… Rotary wants all the exchange students to go. Yay. After, I might go back to the club!

Oh, so… I found out why my dog here is so fat. They do not feed it dog food… only the scraps left from meals. We do not throw any food away. It all goes to the dog. The cat stands at the door and meows… we let it inside to eat.

I guess it is common to have the washer for the clothes near the kitchen… basically inside of the kitchen? Also, it is common to have a toilet and a urinal type thing in home bathrooms.... but it isnt a urinal, it is used to clean your butt? I have no clue. haha

Well, I better go. Take care everyone!


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