Saturday, September 11, 2010

bloody boyyy

Yesterday, I went to the school to help on the float.

The students told me that there is a ghost in the school. I guess it is a female and she has a name too but I do not remember it. There are so many different stories that go along with the ghost that I do not even know the real story.

Anyways, I also found out that the float used to be a bus... but then I guess something happened to the bus so they donated it to the school. Now it is just the bottom part with the tires. Now you can get a picture of how big it is...

So I was helping my friend, Gillermo, with the float. He decided to go underneath it so he could push up on the pieces that I needed to glue. After some time passed, I saw a bloody hand so I was like wow... he cut his hand. Then he came out from underneath and he had blood everywhere. He gashed his eyebrow open. I guess it happened from a piece of metal that the boys used to fire the metal together. He went to the hospital and got a shot and stitches. I almost cried because I felt so bad.

Tomorrow... well I guess it would be today, I am going to skype with my mommy and daddy!... and probably some other people. I am pretty excited. Wel it is past 3 a.m. here so I better head to bed! chau

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