Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good freaking morning :)

So today I was woken up by one of those stupid advertisement trucks! Haha.. Here, they have trucks that drive around that play these advertisements really loud so that everyone can hear them.

I am still sick but mom gave me some medicine to help. A lot of people at school are sick with the same thing I have… I guess it is because they share everything. It is nice that I like Pepsi because that means less people are going to try to drink mine.

Yesterday, I worked on the float at school. I guess there are only 6 days left to work on it. Everyone is working so hard. Some people are working all night and staying at the school. After six or seven hours, I a sick of working. I feel bad but the float is different for me. Everyone working on it has a passion for it… they put a lot of time into it because it means something to them. Getting second or even fourth place is special to them. They spend over a month preparing a float… As I sit back and reflect.. I say to myself wow that is a special tradition. I mean, they have the queens of the each school talk about their school’s float on the radio. I love it how they have so much pride in preparing the float to only show it a few days. It is not meaningful like that to me. So, it is hard for me to work on it and not complain about how boring it is… but, it is still better than classes because I can socialize with people and get a better understanding of the Argentine people and their culture. In the US, people would not make everything like we do here… they would definitely try to find a shorter way and just buy it. It is either time or money. The sad thing is… when it is money, you do not have the bonding experience that people have with time. Since here we are using time, I have been able to get closer with people. I feel honored to be part of this special tradition. I cannot wait to post pictures of it when it is finished. I hope the pictures do justice for how amazing it will be in person!

Well… now I know why Mama and Papa told me to wash off the fruit before I ate it. I always wondered why my Papa washed the outside of the orange off. I mean at home, in the US, I would wash vegetables off but hardly ever fruit. Anyways, I went with my brother to get vegetables. We went to this place that sold vegetables and fruit outside. The place was probably half the size of my bedroom in the US. It had boxes piled up of different fruits and vegetables. They were sitting out in the open… and this dark skinned lady who was probably 4’10 waited on the customers. She picked the vegetables and fruits out of the box with her dirty hands and put them in a bag to weigh them. The bananas here are small… and you buy them already yellow with bruises. It makes me laugh because I know people would not buy bananas like that in the US for full price.

Dora… the maid… was talking to me yesterday. I found out that she has been working in my house for a year. She told me that before I came she found out I was from the United States. She was telling me how she thought that I was going to be stuck up. She laughs about it now because she said I am not. She made homemade french fries yesterday… they were good. They are not healthy for you but I do not care. They remind me of the ones my parents deep fry back at home.

My brother had another birthday party. He had about eight friends come over to eat and socialize. When I first saw a picture of my house here in Argentina, my mom thought that in the right corner, there was a chicken pen. I do not know if she was kidding or not. But anyways, I found out that is where they cook food… like BBQ. Yesterday, we cooked sausage out there and it only had salt on it. I guess when the meat is so good, you do not need any other seasoning.

So… I kind of have this guy friend… He lives like twenty minutes from the house back in the states. I know I will not see him for over 200 days but I am definitely looking forward to it. I hope we are still talking by the time that comes along. At my age, you never know… ha. Honestly, I mean, 4 days ago I thought my world was going to end. Now, I have a guy that I could not have ever even dreamed about. He makes me smile like no other and he motivates me through school since I know that I can go home and talk to him. DC<3

God, thank you for the numerous blessings you have placed in my life.
Today, I remember all of the victims and heroes that lost their lives 9-11-01.
This day is always tough and their families are in my thoughts and prayers.
I know they are with you, God, and no other place could be better!

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