Friday, September 17, 2010

my week...

Sorry I have not posted in for awhile. I have been very busy.

So… already, my Mama told me to come back to Argentina once I am married and have kids! Haha… then, my teacher, who we tell everything to, told me to email him pictures of me and Dustin’s children in the future?! It definitely made me laugh! Every time he sees me, he says “OH MY GOD, CARLEY!”… in his Argentine voice. He acts like I am a celebrity or something!

This was the last week to prepare the float for the parade! The premier parade was Friday night. Unfortunately, I have a sinus infection so I did not go to school or the parade. I was disappointed because after the parade, the girls wanted me to go to the night club with them. Ohwell, at least there is three more parades for our float! I had such a boring day since I just laid around and slept. However, hopefully I will be rested for my swim test today with the coach! I go in the morning so he can see how strong of a swimmer I am. I am kind of nervous but I do not have anything to lose!

Papa checked my throat on Thursday. Then, on Friday, Mama checked my throat too. I told her that she did not have to since Papa did the other day but she said she did not care because she was Mama not Papa! Haha.. She also checked my breathing. She is having me take two types of pills… they help but the one makes me tired. She also had me put this thing up to my nose that is attached to a container filled with liquid and I breathe it in. I think I am breathing in water vapor? It is nice that they are doctors because they definitely make sure I am taken care of.

At school this week, a kid threw the flour/water glue on me and wiped pink paint on my face. I ignored him for the longest time and pretended like I was more upset than I actually was… he then said. “can you sorry me?”… haha like forgive him. I thought it was the funniest thing so of course I said yes. This other kid also told me that he better not see “rain from your eyes.” I yawned and he thought I was crying.

Thursday, I went to my friends’ volleyball game. Volleyball here is very different! They are allowed to use their feet as long as the ball does not touch the ground?! Ha… I cheered them on and they won by 2! When we were walking back to the school, my one friend told me she likes black guys. She wants me to find her one with green eyes. After the game, my other friend, gave me a tissue for my cold. It was apple scented! I had never seen anything like that in my life.

I have a friend named Naomi and I explained to her what her name means backwards. I moan. Haha… she kind of understood what I was saying.

My Mama bought me a bottle of water the other day before school. There was a type with a white wrapper and a type with a blue wrapper. I chose the one with the blue wrapper that said “sin gas.” Meaning, without gas like carbonation. As I tried it, I realized that it did not taste right. I saved some of it and later had my brother taste it. His girlfriend tasted it and said it was from leaving it out in the sun and the plastic melting into the water. I told her that I bought it like that. Then, I told my host brother that he should call the company and complain. I was like… well, my mom does that and then the company sends us coupons for free products. He thought it was a good idea but we ended up not calling.

I have seen a whole family on a motorcycle! A mom, dad, and about a 5 year old and a 2 year old… none of them with helmets! I also saw a girl and a girl riding on a one person bicycle… what a site! Finally, I saw a mom in the front seat of a car with a baby that looked about 6 months old on her lap… wow, that was scary to see!

Since I helped work on the float, I was able to buy a tshirt. I got it on Thursday. They ordered me an XS! Haha… but it has a Toy Story alien on the front then the back of the alien on the reverse side of the shirt with my name on it’s stomach! I will have to post pictures. I have so many pictures I need to post!


My friend was right when he told me that there are no refills on drinks here. When you go out to eat, the drinks are in bottles and the waiters pour them in front of you. I think they worry about people slipping stuff into drinks.

There are so many street cleaners here. They wear a green uniform and they sweep the paper and garbage from the streets. I have seen so many people litter and it bothers me! They do not even care but I guess it gives other people jobs.

Police are everywhere for security. They drive around cars that have 3 digit numbers on them. I think it is the number of their unit or something like that. You can also find a lot of them standing on the street corners… just standing there.

I have noticed that there is one or two security guards at every bank.

I is “yo” but the y is pronounced like a j in Argentina.

Strawberry… car… pool… are some of the words that are different here than opposed to like Mexico

Now, I am going to bed since I have my swim test tomorrow:/…
Then, I am going to another city to site see with Papa!
I will be sure to eventually post pictures of that too.


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