Tuesday, September 7, 2010

no phone yet...

I went to go get my phone tonight and the guy working there did not know the cost of termination fees! I was like... why not? He works here! haha... so anyways, the cheapest phone is 209 pesos. I will probably get that one. It does not have a camera but I do not care. I guess it is better to have a bill each month than putting money on a phone because the minutes and texts are cheaper. The bill cannot be in my name because I am foreign. I am going back tomorrow when another person is there and will know the cost of termination fees.

While we were in central, my brother, Jose, showed me some places. He took me to get icecream. I got a waffle cone with vanilla, strawberry, and rainbow. The rainbow reminded me of superman icecream that I always got when I was younger. It tasted the bubblegum. So next time, I will know to get chocolate instead.

School went well. I paper mached these boxes! After awhile, I got sick of doing it so I went and sat outside. Outside, some people were working on the car in Toy Story 3. They were spray painting it. Then they had to go buy some more spray paint. So I was sitting there with another kid… then three more guys came over. They were asking me so many questions. They asked if I liked Argentina and I said sometimes. Then, of course, they asked why… and I said it is different. Ha… change is good but hard to adjust to.

Here, guys have short hair but have a long piece in the back like a rat tail. I tell all the guys how I do not like it. One boy, Augestine, let me cut his off today! It made my day! haha

Well, MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! I think I am going to the night club this weekend with my friends to celebrate my birthday!

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