Saturday, September 4, 2010

my weekendddd

Since I have been in Argentina, I have noticed some things… like when a Catholic person passes the church, they do the sign of the cross and kiss their fingers… like how stop lights do not go from red to green but from red to yellow to green… like how so many wild dogs break open the bags of garage people set outside for the garbage man. The other day, I saw a dog carrying a bag of garbage. It was funny and I wish I had my camera. I also saw a nomb looking man with a peter pan hat juggling in front of cars and asking for donations… and a man, at the stop light, asking if you would like your windows washed and obviously he wanted paid for it. Haha… people do whatever they can here to make money.

Friday, at school, there was a girl that had a puppy inside a box. At first I did not see the dog but when I did… it scared me. Then, my friend, Camii was holding a white one. I took a picture and I will post it later. I guess Camii’s friend found 5 puppies in the street and they were looking for homes for the puppies.
My friend, Virr was tired and didn’t come to school in the morning so I did not go to her house for lunch. Instead, I went with my brother, Ignacio, and our friend Nico. We got pizza and it had eggs onto of it. I do not like eggs so I tried to pick them off. My brother is so nice and got Pepsi instead of Coke because he knows I like it better.

On Friday was the first time I rode in a taxi here. I went with Camii and Mayra to get Camii’s costume. They wouldn’t let me help pay for the taxi and they bought Quaker Oates cookies and shared them with me. I got ready for the party with them and our other friends. One girl curled my hair and she told me that she loves my hair. I was like…. Ew, it is gross. All of my friends here have straight, silky hair… I do not see how she could like mine. She also put eyeliner on my top eyelid. My sister would understand… I always make her do that for me.

But the party was for the Queen Election. They had about 10 girls lined up with numbers and a panel of 5 judges vote. The girls are dressed up and wave like they are real princesses. Then, they choose a queen, 1st princess, and 2nd princess and the rest are like honorees. After that, some guys were dressed like girls and they picked a queen out of them. In the US, we would never be allowed to do that! Someone would definitely sue. It was so funny and girls, dressed like men, escorted them. Oh I forgot to say… I rode in the principal’s car with my friend, Virr, on Friday. We went to rent a wig for her boyfriend. Virr won for being the best looking man and her boyfriend run for being the best looking female. Then, the people dressed in costumes were judged… I won for having the best costume. I won a green scarf and a necklace that has silver and green beads. I think they just felt bad for me… just kidding. Ha… Virr, picked out my costume so I think she knew it would win. So… afterwards, everyone danced in the gym.

Dancing here is different… people move back and word and move their arms. I guess there are many types of songs… and each type requires a different dance. It is crazy… everyone here dances and they love it… ALL THE TIME! Haha
A lot of people smoke here… like I swear, almost everyone at my school. Surprisingly, my three friends do not. They smoke in the school too! They definitely do not know how bad it is for their body.

The dance was until 4 in the morning! I changed my clothes at around 1… I was so tired since I had been at the school since 9 a.m. ha, crazy! So I left around 2 but my brother stayed until 6 working on the float. On Saturday, I laid around and read a book by the fire. Ignacio went back to work on the float but I did not want to go. Instead, I went with my friend, Sophia, who is an exchange student from Germany.

We went to her school’s Queen Election. These Queen Elections are something else… it is like Miss America haha but Miss Argentina (of the school). They have reporters there and photographers. But, I had fun even though theirs was totally outside and it was cold.

So… the float is coming along nice but it takes so much time. I was frustrated the other day because you sew the cardboard then it isn’t tight enough or it gets ruined by the fire from the boys.

For the parade, the queen, 1st princess, and 2nd princess ride on the float. But they are not the same queen and princess from the Queen Election. I think the Queen Election is for the younger girls. At my school, it seems like the girls who are in the running for the queen or princess, that ride on the float, all have the same hairstyle. It is super long and they curl only the ends of their hair. It sure is interesting.

Oh Monday… I am going to the school that has swimming! My brother, Jose, is going to talk to the coach about me swimming there for sure!!! but anyways, I better get some sleep! Chau


  1. Wow! I didn't realize you were in Argentina, you didn't really mention it :)

    What a cool opportunity!

  2. Yeah! Sorry ha but yes it is a whole new world:)